Sanlorenzo 57Steel Receives Judges' Commendation at Boat International Awards 2024

28 February 2024

Sanlorenzo's commitment to innovation and craftsmanship continues to garner recognition. The recent submission to Boat International Awards of the 57Steel, aptly named Virtuosity, for the Best Interior Design for Motor Yachts, 500GT and above, stands as a testament to the brand's pursuit of design excellence.

While the coveted title eluded Sanlorenzo on this occasion, the 57Steel received a prestigious Judges' Commendation, highlighting its exceptional qualities and the caliber of craftsmanship involved in its creation.

The 57Steel is more than a vessel; it is a manifestation of Sanlorenzo's dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and engineering in the superyacht domain. Its widely praised interior design reflects a harmonious blend of opulence, functionality and aesthetic sophistication. The yacht's name, "Virtuosity," aptly captures the essence of the artistry woven into every detail.

Sanlorenzo's foray into the Best Interior Design category is a strategic move, showcasing the brand's prowess not just in naval architecture but also in creating living spaces that redefine luxury on the water. Beyond individual accolades, the recognition sheds light on the broader success of Sanlorenzo's superyacht division. Over the past year, the division has experienced robust growth, solidifying Sanlorenzo's position as a leading player in the superyacht market.

The brand's strategic approach to superyacht development involves a meticulous balance between tradition and innovation. Each vessel is not just a product, it's a piece of art meticulously crafted to meet the discerning standards of the superyacht community. Sanlorenzo's strong showing in the awards, even without clinching the top spot, reinforces the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of the possible in superyacht design and underscores its place among the most respected shipbuilders globally.

As the brand continues to evolve and innovate, the future promises even more groundbreaking designs and accolades for Sanlorenzo and its esteemed fleet of superyachts. The Judges' Commendation for the 57Steel "Virtuosity" is not just a recognition of a single yacht - it's a celebration of Sanlorenzo's journey toward redefining luxury on the seas.


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